Elissa’s Book

“Gee, wouldn’t it be great if this town just had ……”

Our communities impact every area of our lives: our health, our recreation, our work, our children’s education, the water that comes from our taps, our shopping options, services for our aging parents.  Each community has resources, some have more and some have less.  If you live in a small town you may feel that you’ve gotten the short end of the stick.  Maybe you’ve visited a big city and have envied the parks, museums, public transportation, recreational trails, thriving downtown businesses, creative programs for youth and seniors and other such ‘amenities’.

Well, don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Living in a small town may mean that you have fewer amenities.  But you have a lot more power to influence your environment than you would if you lived in a big city.  You can make a change in the world around you.  It’s actually easier to get things done in a small town!

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