Facilitation / Collaboration

Working together to Get Things Done! Elissa Brown and Associates provides a wide range of facilitation experience and abilities, from large city-wide strategic planning efforts to small community conflict interventions.

Training and experience include meeting facilitation, strategic planning, mediation and collaborative development. “Facilitation, whether in the context of planning or conflict resolution, involves creating a “safe space” for the participants. All people involved need to know they will be heard and respected. With careful and attentive facilitation, tensions and conflict can be expressed and explored, and the group can find a new understanding and ability to work together. In the best situations, groups can integrate their diverse points of view and create ideas and vision that break new ground”. Experience includes: • Empowerment planning for low-income communities

• Collaborative forest management plans

• Business mediation

• Group facilitation

• Conflict resolution between public land managers, communities and environmental interests